The Science

The Herbalife commitment to science and nutrition

For around 30 years, Herbalife’s aim has been to change people’s lives by providing the best nutrition and weigh tmanagement products globally. That’s why we work with award-winning scientists and leading experts in the field of nutrition to bring high quality products to our customers. 

As part of our commitment to quality and scientific integrity, we have established a Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB), consisting of leading health and nutrition experts from around the world, who help educate and train our Wellness Coaches on the principles of nutrition, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of world-renowned scientists whose work furthers the field of nutritional science. Professor David Heber serves as chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board and its Scientific Advisory Board, which includes award-winning scientist Louis Ignarro Ph.D. Together, the boards support the company’s internal
product development team by providing expertise on human nutrition

Clinical trials demonstrate the science behind the products

Clinical trial results are supported by science and are conducted in non-affiliated research facilities. This demonstrates our commitment to provide evidence to support the use and efficacy of our products, when used as recommended.

One example is a clinical trial recently completed by a scientific team at the University of Ulm, Germany. The main objective was to use Formula 1 Meal Replacement shakes and Formula 3 Personalised Protein Power, to track the effect of different levels of protein on weight management. The researchers wanted to determine if the people taking in more protein would lose more weight than people taking in a standard amount of protein similar to that of a normal diet.

The study reported that people consuming more protein lost more body fat, than people consuming standard amounts of protein. They also found that weight loss associated with higher protein intake led to an improvement of certain health factors that are associated with being overweight. Additionally, the study showed that meal replacement shakes, such as Formula 1, are an effective way to control weight when combined with a healthy active lifestyle.

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